Work With a Preferred Foundation Drilling Contractor

Great Plains Drilling, Inc. has been drilling piers throughout the Midwest since 1976, with an emphasis on quality and customer care no matter the size of the job. Our customers consistently compliment the production we generate while still concentrating on safety and achieving the highest quality around.

What We Offer

We currently have 10 drill rigs capable of drilling from 18” to 120” in diameter to 100 feet deep. Our 17 skilled employees have over 312 combined years of experience at Great Plains Drilling, Inc. Headquartered in Kansas City and serving the Continental United States. We look forward to assisting you on your next project.

  • Drilled Piers

  • Turnkey Drilled Shaft Installation

  • Drilled Shafts/Caissons

  • Indoor, Low Headroom Equipment

  • Earth-Retention Piers

  • Transmission Line Foundations

  • Direct Embed Piers

  • Cell Tower Foundations

  • High-Mast Towers/Light Pole Foundations

  • Sign/Billboard Piers

  • Rock Sockets/Drilling/Coring

  • Underpinning Piers

  • Belled Piers

  • Pre Bore for Piling

  • Low Clearance Piers

  • Casing

Let your job be our Priority

Your satisfaction in production, safety, and quality is our goal